What are the most frequently asked Questions about your work?

1. What year did you write the Fields of Athenry?
2. Where in Ireland is Athenry ?
3. Isn’t the song a traditional song and re- written by you?
4. What is the Mero?


1. I wrote the Fields of Athenry in the middle 1970’s and it was finally recorded and released in 1979 by Danny Doyle and became a top 10 hit and the rest is history !

2. The Athenry in question is Athenry in Galway and if you do happen to get the chance to visit, you will notice the ‘Low lying fields’ as you approach this beautiful town.

Do visit the Cultural centre and say Pete sent you !

3. No, the song is not a traditional song even though it is written in that traditional style it is a modern composition by myself, both lyrics and music.

4. The Mero was an old cinema at Mary street in downtown Dublin in the 1940’s – 1950’s. The characters like Jonny 40 coats and Bang Bang were street people of that era, a more gentle and simple time. And while we queued up in the street for the cheap afternoon seats (called Woodeners), we would jokingly jeer and taunt ‘The Characters’ who happened to pass by. Many of the people in the song are now gone and forgotten but not by me ! They were a vital part of my childhood in the ‘Rare Oul Times in Dublin’ !! The song is a little social diary of the times but even today the memories of ‘The Mero’ days are still with me big time. Thanks to everyone who was interested enough to ask about the song.

Dia ghuit !

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